Revive Your Skin With A Few Tweaks To Refresh Your Spring Skincare & Makeup Routine

Those chilly days of Winter are finally coming to a close and we can’t wait to welcome in the type of weather we are used to! Bring on the warmth, the sunshine and longer, brighter days that help to uplift our spirits and boost our motivation!

This is the perfect time of year to change up your skin care ritual and refresh your skin so you can rock a radiant spring-ready look.
In this article we will share skin care as well as makeup tips to help refresh and revive your skin so you can step into spring on the right foot!

unsplash-logoAutumn Goodman

Skin care: Polish your way to glowing skin

Who says you need to splurge on an expensive spa session when you can bring the spa treatment right into the comfort of your own home?

Spring is all about renewal so a good exfoliation is the best way to renew your skin and slough off those winter layers to reveal your radiant, glowing skin hiding underneath. 

Of course, the type of product you use is everything, so make sure you indulge in our award winning 3 in one Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Polish. This gorgeous product includes ingredients like gentle rice and cranberry to exfoliate away dead skin without ever scratching or aggravating your skin and it’s a scrub, peel and mask all in one!

Makeup: A fresh spring look with our natural cosmetics

For spring you want a makeup look that’s natural with touches of rose and candy pink to keep your skin looking fresh, bright and healthy. 

Start by evening out your skin tone and covering up any areas of redness with our high-coverage yet lightweight mineral foundation. Here’s a few reasons you’ll fall in love with a mineral foundation!

Our Candy Pink Mineral Blush is just the pop of color your cheeks need and will help to add an instant healthy, rosy glow to your complexion. 

Treat your lips to a non-toxic drench of sensual color by layering on our gorgeous Mineral Vegan Lip Gloss in the color Soft Pink.

Last, but not least, finish off the whole look with our Perfect Puff Mineral Illuminating Powder to perfectly set your whole look as well as add some luminosity to your skin and some sparkle to your day because we could all use a little more of that!

These are two ways you can prep your skin and make it up, knowing that you’re treating it to only the most natural, wholesome ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation or put your health at risk. We hope your Spring has started off on a good note and we wish you a beautiful summer!

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