Why Mineral Foundation Is Great For Your Skin


I have been using liquid foundation for years before finding the miracle that is mineral powder foundation, and today I’ll walk you through the reasons why mineral powder has become my number one choice for my everyday basic face.

It doesn’t clog pores

If there is one thing that’s great about mineral foundation, it is the fact that it offers coverage without clogging my pores. Liquid foundation did a great job of evening out my skin tone, but I felt that all that goop was just seeping in and clogging everything, everywhere and was probably the cause of the breakout I had. I tried wearing mineral foundation for a couple of months and didn’t notice any breakouts at all.

It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin

Try wearing liquid foundation on your skin during the hot and humid weather and you’ll feel like it is all heavy and oily up in there, melting off your face. Don’t even get me started on putting some on your neck while wearing a white shirt! Mineral foundation feels very, very light – as if you are not wearing anything at all, which can be a great thing when you’re sweating underneath the sun or in 90 degree heat.

It’s great for the skin

Mineral foundation contains far less ingredients than liquid foundation, as it is more difficult to keep liquid makeup stabilized and free from micro-organisms. Minimum ingredients and no skin-irritating fillers mean makeup that’s better for the skin.

Alexami’s mineral foundation, for example, only contains iron oxides, mica, titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide and nothing else! You can use mineral foundation everyday without worrying about reactions like breakouts, allergic reactions and itching. Zinc oxide is also known as a skin protectant that has anti-inflammatory properties, similar to what you would find in diaper-rash ointments, making it soothing to the skin.

It looks more natural

While mineral foundation does a great job of covering up your skin’s imperfections, it also appears very natural on your skin. So natural, in fact, you’ll look like you are not wearing any foundation at all. I love how it feels like there’s nothing on my skin while I get ample coverage for it.

It contains SPF

The zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide in mineral makeup are excellent sun blocks, so even a layer of mineral makeup on the face already provides you some sun protection for quick outdoor exposure. This may not be enough if you spend hours outdoors, but it’s enough if you’re just going out for a few errands.

What’s the catch?

Because of these benefits, mineral foundation is a very great option for everyday coverage. Of course, it is not without its disadvantages. One thing I noticed is that it cannot really outdo the heavy coverage of liquid foundation, which may be needed for very special occasions or for stage presentations (in this case you can make your own liquid foundation from mineral powder like this one here). It also tends to settle on the fine lines and creases of the skin, but this usually happens when the skin has not been properly moisturized and primed prior to application. Most of these are minor things that you can easily remedy.

What about you, what do you love about mineral foundation?