Clean Beauty Products: What it Means for You and the Planet

So you’ve started to pay attention to the large amounts of plastic you use on a daily basis and finally invested in a water filter and reusable cup so you too can do your part towards protecting this precious planet.

Or perhaps you’ve started taking your own bags to the grocery store to avoid those plastic ones or maybe you’re walking or biking short distances now instead of always taking your car. 

While these are all excellent ways to care for the planet, have you given any thought to your skin care products and cosmetics?

You may not realize this, but every single thing you use on your skin every day, has an impact on the planet.


Well, in this article we will delve a bit deeper and let you in on how clean beauty has a positive impact on you and this planet and why you should finally ditch those toxins for good. 

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Better for your health

Clean beauty is safer for your health, end of story.

But you deserve to know why.

Synthetic skin care products contain a heap of potentially harmful chemicals that may put your health at risk.

Parabens and phthalates are just two major chemicals used in the majority of conventional products and they have been known to cause hormonal disruptions and even increase your risk of cancer!

Clean products are formulated with safe, pure ingredients that are safe for you and the whole family, even your baby.

No more chemicals swirling down the drain

Ever wonder where your shampoo, shower gel and face wash ends up after it swirls down the drain in your shower or tub?

It ends up in our waterways where it puts our wildlife at risk.

These are unnatural chemicals that really have no place in the environment and can cause all sorts of mutations as well as kill off wildlife, something you may never have thought of until reading this article!

Clean products, on the other hand, will never put our wildlife or this previous earth at risk 

Better for all living critters

Another way to do your part is to help protect our animals by purchasing clean products that are also cruelty-free, such as ours here at Alexami Cosmetics!

It’s hard to believe, especially if you are an animal lover, but many conventional brands actually test their products on innocent animals in labs who suffer the consequences. 

These animals are then put down and we purchase products from companies with these beliefs.

Always make sure your clean products are cruelty-free too, or save yourself the hassle and have a browse around our store right now…

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