11 Quick Beauty Tips for the Modern Woman

As requested via our Facebook page, here are some quick time-saving beauty tips for you all. I hope that some of them come in handy for you and save you some much needed time and money.

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1. Cure Puffy Morning Eyes

  • Leave 2 spoons in the freezer overnight and apply them to your eyes as soon as you wake up to treat eye bags/puffy eyes.
  • Another puffy eye treatment is to make some caffeinated tea with 2 tea bags then put them in the fridge overnight. In the morning, pull them out and place them on your eyes. The caffeine that remains in the bags are great at reducing the appearance of sleepy eyes.

2. Lips Looking Like a Chapped Mess?

  • When you’re brushing your teeth, scrape over your lips with your toothbrush to exfoliate them. Apply a lip balm or oil once you’re done!
  • Another way to exfoliate is to mix sugar or salt with a bit of oil and rub them over the lips.

3. Need to Save Some Time in the Morning?

  • Use your hair conditioner all over your body in the shower to let it double as a body moisturizer.
  • For the quickest made-up face, simply conceal blemishes and dark circles, apply a pinky peach blush, some mascara (brown or black, depending on hair color) and put lipgloss on your cheekbones and center of your lips. For those ladies with rosacea or reddish discoloration, apply a cooler based powder according to your shade.
  • If your hair’s a mess, learn to perfect a chignon bun or a french brain. Both can look very on trend if done correctly and are easy to do on dirty hair.

4. Problem Skin?

  • It is always hard for people with problem skin as you need to invest more products and time into your beauty routine. Try to put some more focus into finding a good skin care routine that suits you rather than makeup to cover up your problems. The better your skin quality, the less makeup you will require in the long run. Start by finding a good cleanse/tone/moisturize routine first then move on to acne treatments, rosacea treatments, wrinkle treatments etc.

5. Embarrassing Feet Caused by Heels and/or Neglect?

  • Cure dry, cracked and questionable looking feet and toenails by applying loads of lotion or body oil (i.e. coconut) then putting a small plastic bag followed by a sock over your foot. By the morning, everything would’ve absorbed and your feet will be feeling oh so fresh and moisturized. Also, summer’s coming so apply a quick coat of a brightly colored polish so your feet look beautiful in those sandals.

6. Frame Your Makeup Look

  • Feel like your makeup look needs a little something extra? Get into the habit of always shaping and filling in your brows with a pencil/powder 1 or 2 shades lighter than your eyebrow color. It frames the whole face, polishes your look and makes you look younger!

7. The Never-Fail Cat Eye

  • For quick but standout eye makeup (that looks like you put more effort into your beauty regime than you actually did), do a quick cat eye with liquid or gel liner. You may not be able to get it perfect in the beginning but it will come with practice. Here’s a hint, draw the flick at the same angle to the outer-lower waterline and fill in accordingly.

8. Banish Lipstick Anxiety

  • Worried about taking a drink or giving a kiss in fear of smudging your freshly-lipsticked pout? Opt for a tinted lip gloss or lip tint instead. They are easier to apply than lipstick and their pigments usually last longer without the need for touch ups or lipliner.

9. Speed Up with Mineral Powder

  • For the quickest foundation application, apply a face primer then find an amazing mineral foundation (naturally, our favorite is our Alexami’s Mineral Foundation Powder!) and apply it with a dense kabuki brush. Mineral powder also provides buildable coverage so just wait a few minutes in between application of the layers or apply a spray of setting spray between each layer of coverage.

10. Oily Hair, Don’t Care

  • Do you suffer from hair that turns into an oily, lifeless mess too quickly? Keep some transluscent powder on hand and sprinkle it through the hair as required. Grab a comb, brush it through and perform a glorious hair flip and BOOM! Gorgeous tousled locks in an instant!

11. Stop it, You’re Making Me Blush

  • Skin looking a bit sallow but you don’t have any blush on hand? Easy. Simply apply your lipstick as a blush by warming up your fingers, swiping them over your lipstick with your middle and ring finger then quickly applying to your cheekbones in upward motion. Keeping the lipstick warm and applying it quickly will allow it to blend easier.

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