Is your Mineral Makeup Making you Itch?

With the growing popularity of mineral makeup,  it’s only natural that lots of people are trying it out for the first time. But if you’re new to mineral makeup and find your skin reacting and breaking out in acne, turning blotchy or itching, you may be sensitive to Bismuth Oxychloride.

Being almost free of irritants, preservatives and alcohols, mineral makeup is generally a great choice for those with sentive skin. However, a lot of the lower cost mineral makeup varieties contain cheap ingredients that aren’t gentle on your skin, and are likely to be the reason why some users complain of itchy skin or have allergic reactions.

One of the main ingredients often found in lower quality mineral make up, Bismuth Oxycloride is a naturally occurring brittle metal that also produces shine or that ‘pearlescent effect’. It’s commonly found in makeup because it helps create sheen and makes the makeup glide on easier, and it’s a very cheap filler. However it often causes itching and skin irritations on sensitive skin, and its pore clogging particles can cause breakouts. Those who suffer from acne and rosacea often find products containing Bismuth Oxycloride aggravates their condition. Bismuth Oxycloride isn’t complementary to older skin either; the shimmery look can make skin look older and drier than it actually is.
So if your mineral makeup has been making you itch, check the label! If it contains Bismuth, it’s time to switch brands.

Alexami mineral makeup is free from Bismuth Oxycloride and other known skin irritants, so it’s a great choice for those with sensitive  or aging skin. After all, it’s always reassuring knowing that what you are putting on your skin isn’t doing you harm while enhancing your natural beauty.

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