An Easy Summer Skincare Routine You Can Stick To!

Do you ever feel like you just never get any time for yourself? Family, job, friends, life – We get it!

Taking some time for yourself with a daily skincare ritual is a great way to recharge your batteries and indulge in a little self-care.

This article isn’t going to be about 10 step skin care routines, because no one has time for that! And to be quite honest, less truly is more when it comes to your skin!

Instead, we will let you in on some tips that are easy to incorporate into your current routine, but will add that bit of luxury to your day that you so deserve!

So find a quiet moment, brew up some soothing herbal tea and dig in to our next post!

Keep it simple

A simple cleanse, tone and facial oil is all you really need on a daily basis to enjoy glowing and healthy skin. It all comes down to using quality products, free from toxins and infused with nutrients to revitalize and brighten tired complexions!

Our Purifying Gentle Cleanser will remove dirt and grime without ever stripping your skin of beneficial oils.

Follow up with our beautiful Hydrating Toning Mist to provide a burst of refreshing hydration while uplifting your senses thanks to its mood-boosting citrusy scent.

Last, but not least, show your skin some real love by applying our silky smooth Exotic8 Facial Oil or 2 in 1 Hydrating Primer for vibrant skin with a glow that doesn’t quit!

Indulge once a week 

Once a week it should be all about you.

You’ve run around all week ticking things off your to-do list, so choose an evening on the weekend where you can get someone to watch your kiddos while you indulge in your own personal oasis.

Remember, you can’t be your best for your family when your batteries are low, so don’t ever feel guilty about taking time to recharge!

Turn your bathroom into a home-spa and let the steam melt your troubles away. Light a sensual candle, apply our award winning 3 in 1 Pumpkin Polish, add some of our beautiful bath tea to your bath, and relax for 20 min.  

Rely on multi-purpose products

Life is a whole lot easier when one product can do the job of two or more products, that’s for sure!

Our Mineral Foundation Powder is a prime example!

It does the work of three products!

It gives you full-coverage and a glowing complexion on days when it felt like morning would never arrive. It also provides SPF protection of 25 to protect your skin against UV rays and lastly, its natural minerals infuses your pores and helps to keep your skin clear and healthy!

You deserve to take time out for yourself whenever you can get it! These products and tips will help to elevate that time and take it to the next level.

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