Why Alexami Loves Eurovision’s Emmelie de Forest

Eurovision's Song Contest Winner, Emmelie de ForrestThe Eurovision Song Contest is an annual event that has been popular in Europe for a long time. It’s always been a tradition in my household to watch it every year and pick our favorites and who we think will win.

This year, once Denmark’s 20-year-old Emmelie de Forest had finished her performance, I knew she had the contest in the bag.

So, what does this have to do with Alexami?

As soon as Emmelie graced the stage, I saw that she represented everything that Alexami believes in: Women exuding beauty in their purest, rawest and most simple form. Her beautifully written and flute inspired song ‘Only Teardrops’ had me in awe the entire time.

She had no need for heavy makeup, revealing attire or even shoes for that matter. Emmelie walked onto the stage barefoot with natural looking makeup, hair tussled and a flowing bohemian dress and still had everyone in the palm of her hand. It’s so refreshing to see a beautiful and talented woman represent herself in such a powerful and elegant way.

We here at Alexami recently completed a photo shoot with our beautiful ambassador that we have chosen to be the face of our new range and she shares many similarities with Emmelie. We’ve decided to simplify everything with this new range and stand by our motto: pure, simple and raw. Keep an eye out for more of that photo shoot over the next few months.

I am very excited to follow Emmelie’s journey and I am sure she will be become a household name worldwide. If you haven’t checked out her music yet, I highly suggest to jump on Spotify or iTunes and check her out.

If you’re curious, watch her winning performance from Eurovision’s 2013 Song Contest below:

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