The Story Behind Kate’s Royal Wedding Makeup

With an estimated 2-Billion viewers around the world eagerly tuning in, the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William was one of most watched weddings in history. Yet despite being front and centre of this monumental event, the bride reportedly chose to do her own makeup – bold move considering it was the most photographed day of her life!  If you’d find it difficult to imagine having the confidence to stand in front of countless news cameras and billions of viewers after having done your own makeup, perhaps take a few cues from the newest member of the British Royal family.

It’s been reported that Kate’s confidence in creating her own look grew after she invested time in learning a few makeup tips, although there’s a bit of discrepancy about who assisted her. According to People magazine, Kate reportedly took a series of private makeup lessons with London makeup artist Arabella Preston, while Marie Claire, quoting a statement from Clarence House, said Kate had lesson pre-wedding from make-up artist Hannah Martin.  Yet no matter who gave Kate her lessons, it’s the classic & classy ‘natural look’ she sported that had the fashion mags predicting trends. Kate opted to give herself a toned-down and natural look by shying away from overly bright or bold tones – neutral eye shadow, pale gloss on her lips, and bronzer and blush to highlight her cheekbones. In contrast, Kate is however a fan of dark eyeliner around her entire up and lower eye lids, which can look quite harsh and is usually a beauty expert makeup no-no, but she managed to carry it off – we’re sure you’re agree she looked radiant and beautiful.

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking Kate’s lead in overlooking the services of a great makeup artist on your wedding day, we certainly admire her confident attitude! If you’d like to take Kate’s lead and gather a few helpful makeup tips to boost your confidence and beauty product knowledge too, Alexami have a series of how-to videos and makeup tutorials on the Alexami Cosmetics website and also on the Alexami Youtube channel at – and best of all they’re free!

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