How To Take Care Of Winter Skin

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We’ve had a great summer a couple of months back, but if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you will definitely agree that the Stark words are very, very apt for today. Winter is coming. And for most people, it brings more than just a rosy glow on the cheeks.

While winters in Australia are favourably mild, the change of temperature can also bring about many changes on the skin and may cause effects like dryness, and flaking, especially on the hands, feet and face. Some may not notice these changes, but it is just as important to take care of your winter skin by following a routine that’s suitable for the weather. Here’s good news though: you can do something about it, and you can start doing it now.

Read on for our best tips on how to avoid looking like a Whitewalker and get beautiful skin in the coming winter months.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you aren’t much of a water drinker, it’s best that you get started now. Carry a bottle with you everywhere, especially when you go out, and make it a point to drink as much as eight glasses a day.

Slather on moisturize

Use a moisturizer. You may have used a moisturizer that worked just well during spring and summer, but you may need to change your skin care routine as the weather changes. Look for a moisturizer that is oil based or for oily skin (even when your skin tends to be a bit oily) rather than water based. You can also choose to use facial oil like our Exotic 8 Facial Oil which contains Chia oil and keeps the skin smooth and supple without clogging the pores.

Wearing makeup can dry out the skin, so you will also find the 2 in 1 Hydrating Primer as a good base and moisturizer. It contains 3% Hydraporine complex which is a unique blend of natural ingredients that are designed to keep moisture locked in the skin even up to 24 hours. You can also mix it with the facial oil to amp up its moisture locking powers, especially during winter months.

But don’t just moisturize your face alone, use lotion or moisturizer on your body as well, especially on areas prone to drying out like your hands and feet.

Scrub and exfoliate

Use a gentle and good face and body scrub on a weekly basis to slough off all those dead cells from your skin. Old and dry skin cells will make your skin look rough and worn, so a weekly exfoliating session should leave your skin fresh and ready for some moisturizing! If you’re looking for a exfoliant, we love our award winning 3 in 1 Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Polish which is an excellent multi-use exfoliating product that can be used as a scrub, a mild peel or a mask. It is very mild and can be used every day and is even suitable for sensitive skin types.


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Turn On The Humidifier

Space heaters and central heating system blast hot (and very dry) air at home and in office spaces. While they’re great for keeping you warm, they do very little good for your skin. Counter dry air with a humidifier, which bring back moisture into the air and prevent it from drying. Instead of getting one big humidifier, place several ones throughout your home to help disperse moisture evenly.

Careful with the hot showers

The water heater is always seen as a lifesaver during winter, or when you need to shower on any cold day, so it can be very tempting for you to put the temperature on high and enjoy a hot shower or bath. Doing so, unfortunately breaks down your skin’s lipid barriers, causing moisture loss.

That said, it’s better that you stick with warm water and being quick about the whole thing. You can also use oat, milk or aloe based cleansers and bath products to help with the dryness and itching. Alexami’s Purifying Gentle Cleanser is very hydrating and uses Aloe Vera as a base and contains the unique Hydraporine complex, making it suitable for dry and itchy skin.

Rethink your skin care routine

Many of us ladies trust the use of harsh peels and alcohol based toners to thoroughly cleanse the skin, but these can all be uncomfortably dry and can strip off vital oil from the skin. Invest in cleansing milk, mild foaming cleansers or cleansing oils which are deeply hydrated. If you do regular skin peels, skip it for the next few months.

Use sunscreen

There is this misconception that sunscreen is only for summertime, when the sun is hot and glaring in the sky. Winter sun, as well as snow glare, can also be damaging to the skin. So don’t skip your sunscreen just because you don’t see the sun in the sky.

See your skin care specialist

These tips should help keep your skin smooth and supple during winter, and should help prevent itching and flaking. In the event that you continue to suffer from dry, flaky and itchy skin, take action and see a skin care specialist.


One specialist recommended skin care set is Alexami’s Hydrabotanique range of products, which is a 5-step system that moisturizes, hydrates and takes care of the skin.

What about you, what do you do to keep your skin smooth and beautiful during winter months?