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How To Use Your Facial Oils Correctly (Before & After Application!)

August 22, 2019

A facial oil is one of those products that can completely transform your skin care ritual! It’s richer, silkier and more luxurious than your regular facial moisturiser and brimming in antioxidants and nutrients to take your skin to the next level. Regular use of a quality facial oil will help regenerate and repair, plumping fine…

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Take your beautiful skin on tour

June 16, 2019

Whether it’s a weekend in the city or a month in the country, when you step outside of your daily skin routine at home it can be hard to maintain the health of your skin. Many factors influence the quality of the skin including the climate, your diet and how often you care for skin.…

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Mum’s we love you

May 5, 2019

If we could choose a day to shower our mother’s with treasures and love, it would be everyday right? That very special motherly figure in our lives has played a huge role in our lives, that person who is there for the big moments, the special moments, the unsure moments, the sad moments and the…

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self love soak

April 19, 2019

Rituals are potent reminders in our day-to-day lives that our well being is our number one priority. When we are fully taken care of, we can be of service to others.  The Self Love Bath Ritual encourages us to bring the focus back to cultivating the self care and self love we want to inject…

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When you love yourself your skin loves you

March 5, 2019

We’re saying goodbye to Summer and welcoming the ease into the cooler months. We’re not sure about you but we think Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. There’s a change in the air, not just the temperature but we see the leaves changing, the days beginning to shorten & the hot sweaty days seem to become…

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Summer lovin your skin

January 1, 2019

Sun-kissed cheeks and dewy skin are all part of the beauty perks of summer. And with summer comes vital skin protection which starts with SPF sunscreen on those warm sunny days at the beach. The forecast for summer was spot on and with the warming temperatures, that skin of yours probably looks healthy and glowing…

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Makeup tones for Spring

October 12, 2018

It’s officially spring and the warmer weather and fresh spring air has made itself known. As we head into the warmer and sunnier weather of the year, the fresh spring air is inspiring our current makeup bag with colours of minimal, natural tones. Here’s what you will find in our spring inspire Alexami cosmetics bag:…

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5 top tips for tip top skin this spring

September 1, 2018

The bodies largest organ is your skin, and like other organs, it bears the brunt of stress and external contaminants we expose it to every day. Winter, in particular, can be particularly tough on skin, drying it out to reveal dry flaky skin that you’re grateful you can hide under layers and layers of clothing.…

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Spring skincare for cleansing and exfoliation

Put a spring in your step with our skin routine

August 1, 2018

We’re inching closer and closer to spring, which means we can start saying goodbye to dry, flaky skin and hello to soft, luscious skin. The transition from winter into spring isn’t just about cleaning your house and stripping off those heavy winter clothes, it’s about changing your skin care routine too. Start building your summer…

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