Your Guide to Alexami’s Hydrabotanique Collection

We are so excited with our Hydrabotanique® collection. Two years of extensive research and care have gone into creating this innovative range that we believe is going to revolutionise skincare.

Alexami knows the key to beautiful skin is hydration. That is why all products in the Alexami Hydrabotanique Range effectively lock moisture deep into the skin’s core, for thorough, long lasting moisturisation.

The secret? A revolutionary and innovative natural formula with unique hydrating complex.

What is unique hydrating complex?

It is a combination of 4 natural ingredients that work together to lock moisture deep in your skins core:

  • TMG amino acid – This hydrates your skin according to its needs.
  • Pectin – Derived from citrus, this forms a protective film on your skin’s surface.
  • Lemon tree honey sugar composition – This mixes with the pectin to aid the protective film.
  • Phospholipids – These restore your skins barrier function that helps to reduce water loss through the skin.

Pretty simple, no?

What does the hydrating complex do?

It regulates and hydrates the skin according to its needs, allowing instant reaction to environmental factors such as temperature and pollution that can dehydrate skin cells. This makes for moisturized, glowing and beautiful skin.

Let’s go more in depth, shall we?

The complex works together to regulate the skins water flow ensuring consistent levels of water is retained within the skin cells. The key to skin hydration is dependent on the capacity of the epidermis to retain water and not on the amount of water provided to the skin. Skin is said to be properly hydrated when its ability to retain water levels is increased. The ability of the skin to regulate its water retention is based on a network of aquaporins.

The discovery of aquaporins over the whole body by Nobel Prize winner Peter Agre, revealed permeable proteins in the skin cell membranes were behaving like ‘a water channel’ and controlling the amount of water moving in and out of skin cells. The more hydrated the skin, the less skin aquaporins are produced and less water moves out of the cell. Hydraporines work on the skin aquaporines, retaining the maximum amount of water within the skin cells and minimising water loss.

This is just one ingredient that makes the Hydrabotanique range so amazing. We’ll be letting you all in on more insider secrets over the next few weeks along with more information on the natural ingredients that we have used in the collection. We’re elated to finally bring these products to you and we hope you will follow us on our journey to making every women beautiful, simply and naturally.