Why to Avoid Buying BB Creams

BB CreamsThere has been a new beauty craze of late that has spread like wildfire in the beauty sphere and has seen every other cosmetic brand jumping on the band wagon. Like with most trending beauty items, this product is not necessarily good for you nor does it do what it says it should. So, here we are to tell you to step away from your BB cream!

What is BB cream?

BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm. It is touted to be an “all-in-one” beauty product that acts as a serum, moisturizer, primer, skin repairer, foundation and sunblock. Stop the press! This sounds like the greatest beauty product of all time! But wait – Does it really do all that it promises?

The original BB cream was developed in the 1960s in Germany and was given to patients after treatments with a popular dermatologist to cover redness and protect the skin layer while it healed. From there, it gained mass hype from being touted the reason for Korean actresses perfect pale skin. Nowadays, it sits on Western product shelves claiming to be the be-all-and-end-all, all-in-one product of the century.

But don’t believe the hype.

A simple read of the ingredients in BB cream will reveal the truth – That you that you are not buying a magic potion for perfect skin but rather a glorified tinted moisturizer.

Why are BB creams bad?

They’re a waste of money – Refer to the previous point. Would you ever consider paying $50+ for a tinted moisturizer?

They contain harmful ingredients – Silicones, alcohol, talc, mineral oils and the madness goes on. Next time you’re in the beauty aisle, compare the ingredients of the 3 best BB creams (judging by their in-your-face advertising). Chances are the top 10 ingredients on the 3 labels are one and the same and on our ingredient no-no list. For more specific information on harmful ingredients, take a look at our Greenify Your series including this post here.

They can wreak havoc on your skin – If you have sensitive skin or are prone to acne breakouts, please be wary that these products may aggravate the problems that you’re trying to solve. Namely because a lot of them contain alcohol which you do not want as it is very drying. They also contain ingredients that are known to clog pores and build an oxygen-starving layer over your skin such as silicones.

They don’t perform the magic they say they will – Use the latest BB cream for a week or a month but you will not see improvement in your skin. If you do then the positive change is coming from something else like your diet or another beauty product. The ingredients in these BB creams are nothing special. They are cheap and synthesized and not designed to nourish your skin.

Now, we’re not trying to say all BB creams are bad for you. There will be ones out there that contains safe ingredients but unfortunately, these are few and far between. Always read the ingredients.

What is the alternative?

We know that Alexami’s founder, Alenka Dirnbek, would 100% tell you to just use loose mineral powder so, we’ll use her suggestion as she knows what she’s talking about.

Why use mineral powder?

Well, it’s simple. No, really, that’s why we would recommend it. It’s a very simple product that does what it needs to – Provides coverage, evens skin tone, provides SPF protection and doesn’t aggravate the skin. We’ll toot our own horn here and suggest using Alexami’s mineral powder because it is tried and tested (not on animals, though) and uses only the safest ingredients.

In conjunction with the loose mineral powder, we’d recommend finding a skin routine that works for you. This usually includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer that is designed for your skin type. Once you have a routine sorted, you won’t have a need for an overly complicated makeup routine. Keep an eye out for Alexami’s own HydraBotanique Skincare range coming soon.

Hopefully this post has been of some use to you. We feel it necessary sometimes to remind people to be conscious of clever marketing from the bigger beauty brands. We will always stand by the fact that the most honest marketing of a product always lies in the ingredients list.

That’s why we here at Alexami do our best to step back from the craziness of the beauty industry and let our products speak for themselves. We believe in keeping things simple and developing products that are good for your skin, health and the environment and our products are supported by years of scientific research.

Unlike our fellow beauty brands who compete with each other to such an extent that they are releasing a new ‘It’ product every minute, we put time, care and research into each and every one of our products so we know we’re releasing something amazing. We are committed to providing skincare and beauty products that work for you because Alexami was built out of a need for simple, honest, nurturing products for the modern woman. We will continue this commitment to offering women of today a brand that has a conscience.

Thanks for reading.