Water and Oil – Your Skin’s Power Couple

We’re told that drinking lots of water is the key to youthful, plump and healthy skin, and we all like to think we’re getting our required amounts of H2O every day.  Even though we drink water to hydrate our bodies the outer layers of our skin need to receive hydration from the surface or application by using hydrating toning mist which has been formulated with our unique hydrating complex. It’s also scientifically proven that along with drinking nature’s elixir for skin hydration, so is eating a well-balanced diet in adequate protein and healthy fats. But what might not come to mind is that oil can work wonders too – even though they don’t hydrate, as such, oils are a fundamental ingredient for radiant, healthy skin.

We’ll tell you why!

The basics of oils

Oils are emollients, which means that unlike creams which sink deep into skin for intensive, long lasting hydration, oils tend to hang out near the surface. Their moisturising power just doesn’t cut it, but while you don’t get as much moisture, it’s not like they’re not doing anything useful.

Oils add barrier protection and superficial hydration, meaning they sink into the skin just enough to nourish the topmost layer. This is why you’ll find a good moisturiser delivers both water and oil.

By now though, you’re most likely asking why, in that case, have facial oils become a trend in recent years if moisturisers include them in their ingredients? Well, oil as a separate entity is integral to healthy skin because it acts as the sealant that keeps moisture in. Without it, moisture leeches out until next time you apply cream.

Oils, like our Exotic8 Facial Oil, give skin an instant softness and smoothness and when combined with a hydrating toner, can give you amazing results.

Toners together with oils

Toners are water-based that contain active ingredients to help address specific issues, and they remove debris as well as soothe, repair and smooth the skin’s surface.

Toners prepare the skin for serum and oil applications, so following the steps of skin rejuvenation is critical if you want to feel and look fresh. We all have a skin regimen we follow in the morning and evening (let’s hope you do!) and it really doesn’t take much effort to include adding an essential oil to it. In many cases they get overlooked, especially by people who have oily skin, with consumers believing putting oil on top of oily skin will double the shine and oil – this isn’t the case when done right.

Excluding oil from your skincare routine will lead to imbalance, and if you have oily skin, a combination of water and oil will help you find that ‘ying and yang’ you’ve been searching for. Too much oil, or not enough, can make your skin go through an identity crisis.

So who can benefit from water and facial oils?

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? Everyone can benefit from water and oil! Water is a given – it’s an essential part of life, and the human body simply cannot function without it. I won’t keep stating the obvious.

So what about oils? People with sensitive skin in particular could find relief with an oil. Pure plant oils typically don’t contain preservatives or synthetic fragrances. If your skin is especially dry, rich oils are ideas – and very much so in winter months when nothing is nourishing enough.

In a nutshell, water and oils have always gone hand-in-hand. Don’t be afraid to give them both a go in conjunction with one another; you’ll see so many benefits and amazing results! And remember – if you have any questions at all, Alexami is here to help you!