Utopia Wellness Expo

We had a busy time away at the Utopia Wellness Expo in Brisbane on Saturday, the first chance at showcasing our new collections.

The idea was to create a complete cosmetic range that is designed for anyone to use and we were lucky enough to have had such a great response towards that.

Focusing on holistic brands and people who share the same ideas for empowering women meant Alexami fit in well at Utopia.

Far too often cosmetics are filled with nasty chemicals and ingredients that we aren’t made aware of on packaging and labels. These hidden ingredients are toxic to us and the eco-system.

Actively promoting safe cosmetics and being a part of the domestic scene, we have been able to connect with like-minded people to spread the message of what we want to see within the industry.

Utopia Wellness Expo was  a great starting point for Alexami after launching our new collections. We’ve had such lovely feedback on the new products and we can’t wait to share them with you in our online shop!