The May Happiness Challenge

Phew! Another month has flown by which means another challenge.

This month of May is all about simplifying your life and eliminating those aspects of it that cause us stress and that we deem to be important and necessary but really aren’t.

1. For every ONE thing that you buy, get rid of TWO things from your house (excluding food items). We all love to reward ourselves with little gifts every now and then. But after a while, these gifts/impulse buys/purchases all begin to pile up whether it be in that forgotten closet, corner, drawer or on the floor. The more items you expel from your life, the more comfortable you will be. Get in the habit of every time you buy a personal item to throw out or donate TWO other items you no longer use. The beauty cupboard is a great place to start (especially if you have some unsafe or animal tested brands lying around) and the closet.

2. Add at least $20 to your petty savings jar. That’s only $5 per week which is barely even two bought coffees. Every little bit counts.

3. Donate something other than money. To pay it forward this month, choose to either donate clothes, food or your time to a local charity. Filling a bag with worn out and unused clothing and putting it into a donating bin is so easy. Too easy, in fact, that there are no excuses for not doing it. Another option is dropping off cans and other food items to your nearest food bank to help out the poor and the homeless. Otherwise, for the truly big hearted, dedicate a couple of hours one weekend to working at a soup kitchen or a food bank to help those in need.

4. Write a postcard to a loved one overseas. In the vein of simplifying, the simple act of mailing a postcard to a long lost friend or relative overseas or out of state can be a very beautiful gesture that only costs a couple of dollars to do. Keep it short and meaningful and it will be well received.

5. Do ONE 60 minute meditation session. We know- That’s a big jump from last month. But here is your big goal for this month. Set aside one hour out of the whole month to do a 60 minute straight meditation session. That means no talking, no texting, no checking your email, no moving for one whole hour. Make sure to find a secluded location (preferably outdoors) so you are not disturbed or hyperaware of your surroundings. Sit there for one complete hour (you can have a time set on your phone, if you wish, but make sure to keep your attention off of it). If thoughts come, try to focus on contemplating this thought: ‘In what ways could I simplify my life?’ If your thoughts stray from this, then do your best to keep your attention on your breath as usual.

We hope that you guys are enjoying these challenges. Even if you don’t do all of them, it’s always great to attempt some ideas that you would otherwise not try.

Happy simplifying, ladies!

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