All About Oil: Coconut Oil

Half Coconut and Flower on Bamboo MatSince the emergence of natural cosmetics into the mainstream, other at-home remedies involving basic ingredients have been becoming increasingly popular too. Among them (and a personal favorite of myself and Alenka) is cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

Now, when buying your oil you have to make sure that the label reads natural, cold-pressed, unrefined, virgin coconut oil and/or butter. This means you are getting the purest form and it still keeps its amazing nutrients. You can buy it from most health food stores, online and in some grocery stores.

In the jar, the oil is usually solid due to its melting point but will become an oil as soon as it comes into contact with your skin or if it’s a hot day outside.

What to use coconut oil for:

Makeup Remover – Apply to face then massage and wipe off with a damp face towel.

Mascara and Eye Makeup Remover – Apply gently to lashes and using toilet paper, wipe down the lashes. Be careful when you do this ladies! We don’t want bald eyelids.

Cuticle Conditioner – Pre-manicure, apply the oil to your nail cuticles. For added effect, place your fingers in a warm bowel of water and let them rest for 10 minutes.

Hair Conditioner – This is best used for people with coarse hair. After shampooing, apply oil liberally to lengths of hair and tips. Leave it for  minutes then rinse out. There will be residue that remains but it will help control your hair a bit easier.

Hair Treatment – If you have finer hair, apply coconut oil to damp hair before washing and wrap in a warm towel. Leave to sit for 20 minutes then continue your regular shower routine. If you are prone to oily hair, avoid this method or only apply the oils to the lengths and tips.

Lip Moisturizer

Body Moisturizer

Eyelash/Eyebrow Conditioner – If you have course lashes and brows, apple some oil before bedtime. This has also been shown to stimulate hair growth in those areas.

Shaving Oil – Avoid razor burn by using oil as your shaving cream. Soften the leg hairs with a damp warm towel, apply oil and shave.

Cooking Oil – Coconut oil is also amazing for in the kitchen. It’s a very healthy oil and vegans can enjoy using it guilt-free. Just remember the boiling temperature is lower than olive oil so you don’t need to heat it up as long.

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