The Best Jet Setting Beauty Tips

jetsetterHaving recently returned from my annual trip to Hong Kong to visit my brother, I felt it only fitting to let you guys in on some of my airplane beauty secrets so you arrive to your destination feeling fresh, clean and hydrated.

Why do we feel so terrible after a flight?

Before we try to cure our issues that arise with flying, it’s best that we diagnose why we feel so horrendous after a flight.

The air cabin environment is virtually moisture-free, containing no humidity and will actually draw what moisture it can from the air including from our skin. What makes us feel so groggy and puffy after a flight is this lack of hydration. So, the key to arriving to your destination glowing and awake lies in preparations, hydration and moisturizing.

Pre-Flight Preparations

Pre-flight, you need to get your skin prepared for the drying venture it is about to endure. The best bet is to follow a highly moisturizing routine when getting ready.

Alexami Travel Essentials

Alexami’s Travel Essetials Pack

1. Your first vital step is to begin hydration the best way us humans know how: Drink water. If you’re not the biggest fan of water then find an electrolyte drink with minimal sodium and sweeteners.

2. The next step is to prepare the skin. Alexami has an affordable Travel Essentials kit which is a perfect pre-flight routine that includes a moisturizing cleanser, toning mist and primer. These products will prepare the skin for flight, balancing sebum levels and hydration.

3. A final step that helped me a lot for my Hong Kong haul was to grab one of the flight drink kits that you can purchase from the news agents in most airports. These contain 1-3 drinks that you are to take pre-flight, in-flight and prior to landing to rebalance your electrolytes and offer maximum rehydration. At first, I thought they were all hype but after taking them, I felt leaps and bounds more awake and less foggy than I otherwise usually do.


1. You may be tempted to spray toning mist on mid-flight (or water mist that is offered on some flights) but be warned: It will only cause the air to absorb more moisture from your skin causing you to feel dry again a few minutes later.

2. Instead of misting, apply a moisturizer, sunscreen or serum to slow down the moisture evaporation from your skin.

3. Avoid carbonated, alcoholic, caffeinated and sodium-filled products as these will make you feel far worse and dry you out faster. Stick to water or your electrolyte drinks as much as possible. You may be tempted to guzzle down a coffee for an extra buzz but wait until you arrive to do this. It will make you feel that much better overall.

4. Just prior to landing, do your cleanse, tone and prime routine. Since the skin has a habit of looking dull on landing, counteract this with a makeup routine that makes the skin radiant and colours and brightens the cheeks. Apply eye drops if you want to feel more awake then have a final cup of water and prepare for landing.


1. Regardless of your attempts to fight it, your skin still will have lost moisture during your flight. Make sure to keep hydrated with your water and electrolyte drinks throughout your holiday as it can be easy to forget to stop and take a drink if you’re busy being a tourist.

2. Rework your beauty routine to suit the atmosphere of your destination. Some snowy areas can be quite drying where as some populated cities can make you an oily mess due to the pollution (hello, Hong Kong!). Alexami’s products are designed to be balancing so will suit most environments but be sure to listen to your body and skin.

Best of luck my jet setting beauties.

What’s your #1 travel beauty secret?

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