The Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

As a continuation of last weeks blog on the chia seed, today we bring you some information about its wonderful liquid bi-product – Chia Seed Oil.

What is it?

Chia seed oil is extracted from the chia seed which contains about 25-30% extractable oil. It can be sold as an oil or in capsule from.

Why is it so great?

Along with all the other benefits that the chia seed offers including being the highest source of Omega-3s, a great protein source and an overall superfood warrior, chia seed oil is also great to apply topically to cure ailments of the skin:

Anti-inflammatory. A great benefit for those with acne-prone skin, chia seed oil works well at diminishing the appearance of breakouts.

Stabilises oily and breakout skin. The zinc and B vitamins available in chia seed oil makes it perfect to level out the oils in the skin, fight infections, prevent scarring and reduce redness.

Heals dry and cracked skin. Chia seed oil is great for people who experience dry, cracked skin as it creates a barrier allowing for less water evaporation through the skin. It heals and improves the quality of the epidermis layer. It also removes any itchiness that comes along with having dry skin.

Anti-oxidant. In this world of damaging free radicals alongside the copious amounts of chemical absorption through the skin due to beauty products and the wear and tear that comes along with the air quality of a developed nation, anti-oxidants allow for our cells to repair themselves quicker and set up a barrier to these harmful outside influences. In a more realistic way, this means it’s good for preventing signs of aging and healing the overall health of your skin cells.

As a general statement, the oil is perfect for all skin types as it will bring your skin back to normal and even healthier than normal. You will start emitting a glow and not experience as many breakouts (especially during shifts in hormones) that you would otherwise.

To experience the same benefits of the chia seed, chia seed oil can also be added to smoothies, salad dressings and almost any other meal as it is odorless and virtually tasteless. It can also be taken in vitamin form.

Try it out for yourself, we’d love to hear your results with it!

Until next weekend, everyone!

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