The April Happiness Challenge

The time has come to get your happy ready for April. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Go out of your way to help a stranger
– In this face paced world, we often witness moments where we see someone requiring assistance but often let up the opportunity to help them as we’re late for something, don’t feel we should help them or even forget that we can help them. This month, find a situation where you have to go out of your way to help a stranger whether it be pulling over to help if you see someone’s car broken down, carrying an elderly persons shopping bags to the car or pushing their trolley, buying a coffee and muffin for a homeless person, volunteering somewhere etc etc.

2. Add 5 more things to your Happy List.
For those who don’t know what this is, it is a list of situations, items, smells, activities or any other kind of thing that brings you joy in life away from a computer screen, TV screen or smart phone screen. It’s also helpful to read back over your previous entries and remind yourself of what makes you happy.

3. 5 minutes of meditation 5 times per week OR 10 minutes of meditation 3 times per week. We’re pushing the boundaries on this and moving up your meditation duration from last month. It’s time to allow yourself even more time to yourself to do absolutely nothing but sit and flow with the rhythm of your breath.

4. Start a petty savings jar. I know this will be a particularly challenging one due to varying money situations but sometimes, us ladies need a little something for ourselves. It’s time to have a little savings jar of your own. Feel free to make it a goal jar that will save up for maybe a massage, a manicure or a new little black dress you’ve been eyeing. Either way, gather your loose change from the bottom of your purse or under your car carpets and add it to this jar. Over time, when it feels heavy enough, dedicate that loose change to purchasing something entirely for yourself.

5. Find your inner yogi. Finally, I challenge you this month to either attend one yoga class at your local gym or studio OR find a Youtube yoga video of at least 30 minute duration and get your yoga on. Yoga is proven to alleviate symptoms of depression and make you feel more vibrant and joyous. If you already go to yoga classes, then this will be easy!

Good luck!

In review of last month: How did last month treat you? Did you find yourself denying yourself time to be happy because their were more important things? Was it hard to find items for your happy list? Leave us a comment and let us know your struggles and your highs from the tasks.

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