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Whether it’s a weekend in the city or a month in the country, when you step outside of your daily skin routine at home it can be hard to maintain the health of your skin. Many factors influence the quality of the skin including the climate, your diet and how often you care for skin. Going on holidays doesn’t necessarily mean you have more time either for selfcare. Most of your time will be spent out exploring or spending time with your travel company. 

Alexami has recently travelled to Europe, countries including Ireland, England, France and Holland have been on the route which means it’s been a very busy 4 weeks. With lots of eating, drinking and exploring to be had it’s been great to maintain skin health with our easy to use Alexami Hydrabotanique Range. Whether it is washing away a warm summer’s day with the Purifying Cleaner or a rejuvenating face mask after a day exploring the sights with the 3 in 1 Pumpkin Enzyme Polish, it is so easy to feel spa fresh during your travels. What makes this cleansing and refining process easier is the Alexami Facial Mitt which literally allows you to wipe away the day and when you’re on the go you can dab a bit of water or mist on it to create a foam paste for cleansing. Another life saver has been the Hydrating Toning Mist which is perfect for a little refresh and hydration after spending time in the European sun. It’s so easy to carry around as well, our weekend away in Paris was very warm with over 30 degree heat, taking the opportunity to refresh on a little side street, the Hydrating Toning Mist was certainly the ideal tool with a spritz to cool the skin which had been basking in the sun whilst walking around getting lost in the magical city.

Our time spent in Ireland was a little more refreshing with the cool temperatures of the beautiful country side a little more bearable at times. We were fortunate enough to have quite sunny weather during our stay, however the cool breezes from our day at the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast were felt by our skin. Once we’d finished our visit, the beating from the wind left our skin feeling a little dry. But with our little buddy the 2 in 1 Hydrating Primer, a small dose to the face and hands really enriched the skin back to normal thanks to the active botanicals, antioxidants and Aloe Vera in this unique hydrating complex. 

What makes travelling with Alexami’s Hydrabotanique range even more special is the size of the products. Each product is small enough to chuck into your carry on making it versatile and easily accessible when you need it. With multiple uses, each product contains a purpose to replace 2 or 3 products which makes it ideal to travel with. And they are all under 100ml so no losing them in the airport security! 

It’s been a blessing have an easy to carry and easy to use skin care routine, enjoying our holidays but maintaining healthy skin makes the holiday snaps all that bit special! To view our range of Hydrabotanique products, head to our website! 
Here’s our top travelling buddies for your next getaway! 

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