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Makeup tones for Spring

By Alison / October 12, 2018 / Comments Off on Makeup tones for Spring

It’s officially spring and the warmer weather and fresh spring air has made itself known. As we head into the warmer and sunnier weather of the year, the fresh spring air is inspiring our current makeup bag with colours of minimal, natural tones. Here’s what you will find in our spring inspire Alexami cosmetics bag:…

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Alexami Soaps

NEW Alexami’s Natural Soaps

By Alison / November 4, 2012 /

Perhaps some of took last week’s blog as a little clue for what we have to announce to you guys in this weeks post. Introducing Alexami’s own… Handmade Soaps! Created from organic essential oils, clays, herbs, spices and flowers as well as the finest cold pressed oils and butters, these luxurious little bars are your…

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Why Handmade Soaps are Better Than Liquid Soaps

By Alison / October 21, 2012 /

Despite not spending too much thought on the topic, soap plays a very big part in our day to day lives. Whether it be while in the shower, after using the bathroom or after getting your hands a bit dirty, we are always using it. But has it ever occurred to you how important it…

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Easy Raw Vegan Banana Ice Cream

By Alison / September 30, 2012 /

Now, I don’t follow a raw diet but sometimes I do like the attempt some easy recipes that I find online since they’re almost always healthy and refreshingly tasty. Here is my favorite one that I have been loving these summer months for an amazing banana ice cream and it is SO easy. What You’ll…

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Alexami Foundation

Greenify Your: Foundation

By Alison / May 28, 2012 /

For Part 2 of our Greenify Your Life series, I’ll be giving you guidance on how to find yourself a safer foundation. I have listed ingredients found in both powder and liquid foundation so we can kill two birds with one stone. What ingredients should I be looking to avoid in my foundation? Fragrance (6-methylcoumarin,…

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Fall 2012 Makeup Trends

By Alison / April 10, 2012 /

Well, the temperatures are finally falling for us Southern Hemisphere folk and we must remove our cute summer dresses and swimsuits and replace them with our fav cozy, chunky knits and jeans. So, to get us all in the mood for this new season, I thought it fitting to give you all some beauty-spiration with…

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DIY: Make Your Own Liquid Foundation

By Alison / February 16, 2012 /

We all love our mineral powder but there are times in our lives the call to have a good liquid foundation on hand. Well, what if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds and find it in the same makeup product? Today, I’ll be sharing with you how to turn…

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Pamper Yourself with Natural DIY Face Masks!

By Alison / December 1, 2011 /

Hello all! Well, it’s Thursday and getting to the end of a long and busy week. With all the madness of the Silly Season in full swing, I thought it fitting to give you guys an excuse for some weekend pampering. I’ve come up with some easy face mask recipes, made with products you will…

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