Glowing skin is always in

By Alison / June 1, 2018 / Comments Off on Glowing skin is always in

While our moods and behaviours change with the seasons, so does our skin. Whether it’s adjusting to the cooler temperatures of winter which brings dry skin, or summer where humidity and sun exposure is at it’s prime, it’s important to start your day with a hydrating skin ritual that will deter the seasonal affects, all year round. And with…

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Natural and Organic Supershow

By Alison / March 21, 2016 / Comments Off on Natural and Organic Supershow

Its true – time does fly when you’re having fun!! 3 days of beauty, health and exploring! Last week Alexami traveled to Melbourne and participated in one of Australia’s largest expos; the Natural and Organic Supershow where we spent our time sharing tips and tricks for flawless make up application and the importance of a…

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Why Mineral Foundation Is Great For Your Skin

By Justine R / February 2, 2016 / Comments Off on Why Mineral Foundation Is Great For Your Skin

I have been using liquid foundation for years before finding the miracle that is mineral powder foundation, and today I’ll walk you through the reasons why mineral powder has become my number one choice for my everyday basic face. It doesn’t clog pores If there is one thing that’s great about mineral foundation, it is…

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Our new collections | Safe Cosmetics

By Alison / November 12, 2015 / Comments Off on Our new collections | Safe Cosmetics

It is no secret that over the past few months we have been developing new collections to add to Alexami that will not only give a wider variety of cosmetics options for everyone but we hope will also allow people to see that natural, Eco-friendly cosmetics are just as if not more beautiful than your…

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skin care routine

How To Stick To Your Skin Care Resolution

By Justine R / May 13, 2014 / Comments Off on How To Stick To Your Skin Care Resolution

It’s almost mid year, and the months of May and June are usually the months when we look back in retrospect and check if you have kept to your resolutions. One of the many resolutions that people have is to have better skin, which means eating healthy and religiously following a skin care regimen.  …

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toxic skin care ingredients

12 Bad Skin Care Ingredients You Should Avoid

By Justine R / April 25, 2014 / Comments Off on 12 Bad Skin Care Ingredients You Should Avoid

What you put on your body is just as important as what you take in, because your skin absorbs everything your slather on, including toxins. If you are concerned about your food and make it a point to eat clean and organic all the time, then you would definitely want to do the same with…

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Pamper Yourself with Natural DIY Face Masks!

By Alison / December 1, 2011 /

Hello all! Well, it’s Thursday and getting to the end of a long and busy week. With all the madness of the Silly Season in full swing, I thought it fitting to give you guys an excuse for some weekend pampering. I’ve come up with some easy face mask recipes, made with products you will…

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