Your Guide to Alexami’s Hydrabotanique Collection

By Alison / March 11, 2020 / Comments Off on Your Guide to Alexami’s Hydrabotanique Collection

We are so excited with our Hydrabotanique® collection. Two years of extensive research and care have gone into creating this innovative range that we believe is going to revolutionise skincare. Alexami knows the key to beautiful skin is hydration. That is why all products in the Alexami Hydrabotanique Range effectively lock moisture deep into the…

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Spring skincare for cleansing and exfoliation

Put a spring in your step with our skin routine

By Alison / August 1, 2018 / Comments Off on Put a spring in your step with our skin routine

We’re inching closer and closer to spring, which means we can start saying goodbye to dry, flaky skin and hello to soft, luscious skin. The transition from winter into spring isn’t just about cleaning your house and stripping off those heavy winter clothes, it’s about changing your skin care routine too. Start building your summer…

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Natural and Organic Supershow

By Alison / March 21, 2016 / Comments Off on Natural and Organic Supershow

Its true – time does fly when you’re having fun!! 3 days of beauty, health and exploring! Last week Alexami traveled to Melbourne and participated in one of Australia’s largest expos; the Natural and Organic Supershow where we spent our time sharing tips and tricks for flawless make up application and the importance of a…

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SS13 Beauty Trend We Love: The Bare Face

By Alison / August 24, 2013 /

Alexami is all about keeping makeup simple and natural because we feel there is no greater beauty than that which we were born with.  So, naturally (no pun intended!), we were swooning over the bare faces appearing on the runways for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. How to Achieve the Perfect Bare Face The key with…

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The Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

By Alison / February 24, 2013 /

As a continuation of last weeks blog on the chia seed, today we bring you some information about its wonderful liquid bi-product – Chia Seed Oil. What is it? Chia seed oil is extracted from the chia seed which contains about 25-30% extractable oil. It can be sold as an oil or in capsule from.…

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Why Handmade Soaps are Better Than Liquid Soaps

By Alison / October 21, 2012 /

Despite not spending too much thought on the topic, soap plays a very big part in our day to day lives. Whether it be while in the shower, after using the bathroom or after getting your hands a bit dirty, we are always using it. But has it ever occurred to you how important it…

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Easy Raw Vegan Banana Ice Cream

By Alison / September 30, 2012 /

Now, I don’t follow a raw diet but sometimes I do like the attempt some easy recipes that I find online since they’re almost always healthy and refreshingly tasty. Here is my favorite one that I have been loving these summer months for an amazing banana ice cream and it is SO easy. What You’ll…

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Make Your Own Nail Polish!

By Alison / June 24, 2012 /

My apologies for the DIY posts. I’m on a creative buzz lately and I love sharing these ideas with you ladies to try out for yourselves! This week, I’ll be showing you how to make your own matte nail polish using Alexami’s Mineral Eye Shadows and it’s SO easy… What You’ll Need: 1. Alexami Mineral…

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Greenify Your: Body Lotions & Face Creams

By Alison / June 6, 2012 /

Lotions and creams are amongst the Top 3 beauty products that you should go green with due to their common usage on a day to day basis and the fact they are applied to such a large surface area of the body and, therefore, absorbed more than other beauty products. As the toxic ingredient list…

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Alexami Foundation

Greenify Your: Foundation

By Alison / May 28, 2012 /

For Part 2 of our Greenify Your Life series, I’ll be giving you guidance on how to find yourself a safer foundation. I have listed ingredients found in both powder and liquid foundation so we can kill two birds with one stone. What ingredients should I be looking to avoid in my foundation? Fragrance (6-methylcoumarin,…

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