The May Happiness Challenge

By Alison / May 2, 2013 /

Phew! Another month has flown by which means another challenge. This month of May is all about simplifying your life and eliminating those aspects of it that cause us stress and that we deem to be important and necessary but really aren’t. 1. For every ONE thing that you buy, get rid of TWO things…

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The April Happiness Challenge

By Alison / April 1, 2013 /

The time has come to get your happy ready for April. Are you up for the challenge? 1. Go out of your way to help a stranger – In this face paced world, we often witness moments where we see someone requiring assistance but often let up the opportunity to help them as we’re late…

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The March Happiness Challenge

By Alison / March 2, 2013 /

Happiness can be a rare thing to come across in this society of stress and sadness. It can be hard to take a minute to yourself to center yourself, find yourself and just let it all go for a little bit in amongst our busy lives and responsibilities. That’s why I present to you a…

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Quotes to Enrichen Your Week

By Alison / July 2, 2012 /

Today, after a day full of some personal reflection, I decided to make a different sort of post. I thought I’d spice things up by presenting you all with some inspirational offerings from some of the greatest minds. Make sure to save the ones that grab your attention because that is probably your intuition giving…

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