The Benefits of Chia Seed Oil

By Alison / February 24, 2013 /

As a continuation of last weeks blog on the chia seed, today we bring you some information about its wonderful liquid bi-product – Chia Seed Oil. What is it? Chia seed oil is extracted from the chia seed which contains about 25-30% extractable oil. It can be sold as an oil or in capsule from.…

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Greenify Your: Body Lotions & Face Creams

By Alison / June 6, 2012 /

Lotions and creams are amongst the Top 3 beauty products that you should go green with due to their common usage on a day to day basis and the fact they are applied to such a large surface area of the body and, therefore, absorbed more than other beauty products. As the toxic ingredient list…

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How To Work Out Your Skin Type

By Alison / August 15, 2011 /

Oily, Dry, Combination… If you’ve ever been a little unsure what category your skin type falls into, read on. Understanding your skin type is the first step to helping you achieve a more radiant complexion by pinpointing the right beauty products to use, which can make a massive difference to your skin’s overall appearance.  To…

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Useful Tips for Rosacea

By Alison / August 19, 2010 /

What is Rosacea? Rosacea, sometimes incorrectly called adult acne, is a chronic inflammatory condition of the face – most often the central area. Telltale signs of this malady include persistent redness, promonent blood vessels, and pimple-like pustules. Although the cause of this cindition is unknown and there is no cure for rosacea, the things that…

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