Why Handmade Soaps are Better Than Liquid Soaps

By Alison / October 21, 2012 /

Despite not spending too much thought on the topic, soap plays a very big part in our day to day lives. Whether it be while in the shower, after using the bathroom or after getting your hands a bit dirty, we are always using it. But has it ever occurred to you how important it…

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

By Alison / August 3, 2012 /

It’s hard to find a modern woman’s makeup bag that doesn’t contain a few makeup brushes. However, something that goes by the wayside with these vital beauty accessories is how important it is to clean them at LEAST every couple of weeks. And here’s why… Zoom into the bristles of those little suckers and you…

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Alexami Vegan Makeup Brush

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

By Alison / August 23, 2010 /

How often should you clean your makeup brushes? Makeup brushes can become coated not only with makeup residue, but also with body oils and dead skin, making them havens for bacteria that will decrease the life of your brush, negatively affect the proper application of makeup and can also cause skin problems and possible infection.…

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