Spring skincare for cleansing and exfoliation

Put a spring in your step with our skin routine

By Alison / August 1, 2018 / Comments Off on Put a spring in your step with our skin routine

We’re inching closer and closer to spring, which means we can start saying goodbye to dry, flaky skin and hello to soft, luscious skin. The transition from winter into spring isn’t just about cleaning your house and stripping off those heavy winter clothes, it’s about changing your skin care routine too. Start building your summer…

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2 steps to a hydrating winter boost

By Alison / July 1, 2018 / Comments Off on 2 steps to a hydrating winter boost

Lets talk hydration. Hydration is crucial for skin health, and just like we crave water when we’re thirsty, our skin gets thirsty too. Dehydration is the culprit behind any number of skin woes. Obviously, the first step in ensuring your skin remains well-hydrated and supple is to drink a lot of water, Even though we…

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beauty selfceare beautiful products

When was the last time you really cared for yourself?

By Alison / April 1, 2018 / Comments Off on When was the last time you really cared for yourself?

When it comes to self-care I have to admit it does get a little overlooked in the daily “to do” list of living. We’re all so busy juggling something work, study, friends, shopping, keeping up, cooking, family, fitness, social media and the list goes on and on. “Chasing my tail” is an expression my mum…

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Our new collections | Safe Cosmetics

By Alison / November 12, 2015 / Comments Off on Our new collections | Safe Cosmetics

It is no secret that over the past few months we have been developing new collections to add to Alexami that will not only give a wider variety of cosmetics options for everyone but we hope will also allow people to see that natural, Eco-friendly cosmetics are just as if not more beautiful than your…

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The Best Jet Setting Beauty Tips

By Alison / September 22, 2013 /

Having recently returned from my annual trip to Hong Kong to visit my brother, I felt it only fitting to let you guys in on some of my airplane beauty secrets so you arrive to your destination feeling fresh, clean and hydrated. Why do we feel so terrible after a flight? Before we try to…

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11 Quick Beauty Tips for the Modern Woman

By Alison / September 2, 2012 /

As requested via our Facebook page, here are some quick time-saving beauty tips for you all. I hope that some of them come in handy for you and save you some much needed time and money. 1. Cure Puffy Morning Eyes Leave 2 spoons in the freezer overnight and apply them to your eyes as…

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Alexami Foundation

Greenify Your: Foundation

By Alison / May 28, 2012 /

For Part 2 of our Greenify Your Life series, I’ll be giving you guidance on how to find yourself a safer foundation. I have listed ingredients found in both powder and liquid foundation so we can kill two birds with one stone. What ingredients should I be looking to avoid in my foundation? Fragrance (6-methylcoumarin,…

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Are You Being Greenwashed?

By Alison / May 14, 2012 /

With the recent influx of new information on the dangers of most mainstream cosmetics, it is no wonder that PR and marketing firms for those companies are having to alter their approach to how they market their products to the customer. This begs the question – Are you being greenwashed? What is Greenwashing exactly? Greenwashing…

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Fall 2012 Makeup Trends

By Alison / April 10, 2012 /

Well, the temperatures are finally falling for us Southern Hemisphere folk and we must remove our cute summer dresses and swimsuits and replace them with our fav cozy, chunky knits and jeans. So, to get us all in the mood for this new season, I thought it fitting to give you all some beauty-spiration with…

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Get the Look: The Oscars

By Alison / March 1, 2012 /

If you have been living under a rock this past week then you may have missed that Sunday was the evening of the biggest red carpet event of the year – The 84th Academy Awards! This year brought some stunning looks with an obvious trend and focus on enhancing natural beauty, something we here at…

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