Summer lovin your skin

Sun-kissed cheeks and dewy skin are all part of the beauty perks of summer. And with summer comes vital skin protection which starts with SPF sunscreen on those warm sunny days at the beach. The forecast for summer was spot on and with the warming temperatures, that skin of yours probably looks healthy and glowing from all of the time spent in the sunshine. Your skin is absorbing everything you are throwing at it, and as the days get longer & there are more elements that are testing our skin, there’s a few things you can do to make that summer glow continue all year round.
Give your skin a little loving with some of our favourite Alexami products, your skins saviour this summer!

The Damages of Summer

Aside from sun damage that’s almost always unavoidable in some respect during summer and dehydration that comes with hot temperatures, sweat and oil production triggers clogged pores and acne breakouts. Moreover, increased sun exposure and ultraviolet damage can contribute to skin discoloration, wrinkle formation and ultimately skincancer. Long times spent in swimming pools actually dehydrate the skin, as immersion in chlorine and water for hours can break down the skin’s barrier. Heat and humidity are also very conducive to fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. And because you’ve also spent more time makeup-free, you’ve also possibly exposed your skin to more pollutants.

How to maintain your summer glow all year round

Repairing the ailments from summer will help prevent breakouts and dry skin spells as the weather gets cooler. Our suggestion is adding an antioxidant to your skin care routine that will help to neutralize the sun exposure you experienced over summer. Our Exotic8 Facial Oil and Toning Mist is a combination of nurture meets nature and full of natural antioxidants that will nourish your summer soaked skin and prepare for a swift change in seasons. Australia’s first organic Chia facial oil blend, theExotic 8 Facial Oilisconcentrated oil blended together 8 powerful certified organic oils that help restore and regenerate your skin giving you a more youthful complexion. It’s 95% organic containing  oils such as Chia, Pomegranate, Camellia, Rice Bran, Peach, Borage, Grapeseed and Seabuckthorn.High concentration of Chia oil increases the skins hydration levels, and improves elasticity to give skin a more supple, silky soft and youthful complexion.

Our Alexami Hydrating Toning Mist is enriched with active botanicals and antioxidants of Aloe Vera, White Tea, Chamomile, Elderberries and unique hydrating complex, to gently tone and refresh the skin, for a revitalised and invigorating burst of hydrating freshness. Made using citrusy aroma blend of 100% pure essential oils, this hydrating soothing facial toner boosts skin moisture and tightens pores for a smoother complexion, while extracts of elderberries provide soothingantibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Just like a breath of fresh air, one spray of the facial toner will have your refresh & rejuvenated at any time of the day!

To shop our Hydrabotanique Collection, head to the Alexami website here and create a skin routine that you can love all year round. 

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