Alexami Natural Soap – LULLABY

Our Lullaby soap combines pure organic Shea Nut Butter, Coconut, Jojoba Oil and Calendula extract, with a hint of mandarin, pink grapefruit and lavender oils making it gentle to use on the most sensitive skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and nourished, while the divine soft smell gently calms your mind, body and spirit. Ideal for children, mothers and babies.


Alexami’s Aromabotanique Collection is a range of natural soap inspired by Australia’s landscape and our unique flora and fauna. Our handmade soaps have been created with the utmost love and care. Enjoy the delight as you escape into a sensory journey from each unique cleansing experience with these stunning natural soaps. True Castille soaps blended from the purist natural organic ingredients, free from palm oil, synthetic colour and fragrances.

Infused with a delicate, calming blend of MARIGOLD, MANDARIN & SHEA NUT BUTTER gently soothing sensitive skin. The light aroma of this natural soap creates a softening, nurturing bathing experience for children, mothers and babies.

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Weight 120 g