Useful Tips for Rosacea

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea, sometimes incorrectly called adult acne, is a chronic inflammatory condition of the face – most often the central area.

Severe Rosacea – Before makeup application

Telltale signs of this malady include persistent redness, promonent blood vessels, and pimple-like pustules. Although the cause of this cindition is unknown and there is no cure for rosacea, the things that trigger a flare-up – such as alcohol consumption, unprotected sun exposure, and extremes of temperature – are relatively easy to avoid.

Antibiotics and topical solutions are often prescribed to control the condition, but this can be accomplished with the use of natural remedies and careful avoidance of triggers.

Dr. Earl Mindell’s Recommendations:


– All natural multivitamin/mineral complex rich in antioxidants

– Evening Primrose oil three times daily

– Flaxseed oil twice daily


– Dandelion extract: 500mg, one to three times daily

– Grape Seed Extract: 200mg daily

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– Green Tea Extract 200mg daily

– Silica: 30mg daily


– Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water daily

– Eat generous amounts of garlic and onions

– Keep face clean to prevent infections

– Reduce Stress


– Alcohol

– Caffeine

– Excessive sun exposure

– Extreme temperatures, saunas and freezing cold

– Hot beverages

reference: Natural Remedies for Your Medicine Cabinet (Dr. Earl Mindell)

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