Refresh Your Makeup For Spring with These 5 Must Have Products

With spring officially here, it’s a fantastic time to refresh your spring makeup products – and that means out with the old, in with the new! Especially when it comes to makeup applicators and expired items. Whether you want a complete overhaul or just subtle changes to your staple beauty essentials, here are 5 must have products that will refresh your makeup bag of all the nasties.

Mineral Foundation Powder

Expired cosmetics can cause skin irritations, so it’s important to replace them before they go south. Try not to keep old makeup ‘just in case’, and take into consideration changing from a liquid foundation to a mineral powder to minimise a build-up of bacteria on your applicators. Alexami’s Perfect Puff Mineral Foundation Powder will not only keep your complexion looking flawless, but it’s easily applied to your face with a convenient puff or brush ‘no fuss’ application.

Another great factor to take into consideration is that mineral foundation powders are adaptable for all skin types, and they don’t have a pore clogging effect. So make sure this spring you’ve got your hands on Alexami’s Perfect Puff Mineral Foundation Powder which is compact enough to fit snugly in purses and makeup bags.


Any lipgloss that has a wand applicator should be thrown out 6 months after purchase due to bacteria build up, and a spring clean of your makeup bag is the perfect excuse to try out some new high shine colours! Alexami’s Mineral Vegan Lipgloss collection has the perfect variety if you want to create natural fashion colours for a stunning long-lasting sheen.

With five gorgeous colours for nourished lips – and no nasties – every one of Alexami’s lipglosses are ideal to pop into your handbag for a quick pop of colour on the go!

Eye Shadow

Powder palettes when used sparingly can last for up to two years, but if you’re applying eye makeup on a regular basis and not washing your brushes often enough, bacteria can build up and cause eye infection. So when in doubt of how long it’s been since you last purchased your eye shadow, toss it and replenish with radiant spring colours from Alexami’s Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow series.

Our eye shadows use pure natural pigments to create salon professional quality that will last longer thanks to natural ingredients. They come in 10 gorgeous colours to suit any spring function you have lined up, and are a convenient size to carry anywhere!

Eye Cleansing Oil

Did you know makeup wipes are bad for the skin? Used sparingly they’re okay, but very few wipes contain ingredients that can break down all your makeup and gunk, so you’re actually rubbing bacteria and irritants into your pores. They’re also harsh because of the amount of pressure required to remove your makeup. Try something different this spring, like the Organic Eye Cleaning Oil from Alexami’s Hydrabotanique collection.

The ingredients in our eye cleaning oil include Camellia, Peach, Grapeseed and Pomegranate oils – will you ever find these refreshing and organic elements in a store-bought makeup wipe, we ask you? Of course not!

Makeup Brushes

Brushes are so much more hygienic than dipping fingers directly into a product, but you need to be cleaning those brushes regularly. So long as you take care of them, your brushes should also be of great quality if you want them to last longer. That’s why this spring, Alexami’s Vegan Makeup Brush Set is the perfect addition to your makeup bag or handbag – each brush is made of stylish bamboo and quality hair, making them soft and suitable for all skin types.

Our brush set consists of an angle, blush/powder and shader brush and will help you achieve a radiant spring time look that everyone will envy!

It’s spring! What better time to declutter your makeup bag and refresh your products with beautiful, high-quality cosmetics by Alexami? What’s even better is that each one of the Alexami pieces mentioned above – Perfect Puff Mineral Foundation Powder, Mineral Vegan Lipgloss, Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow, Organic Eye Cleaning Oil and Vegan Makeup Brush set – is available as a complete set we like to call the Makeup Startover Pack! You even get a cosmetic bag!

So get your makeup bag spring ready by replenishing and starting fresh with Alexami Natural Organic Skincare and Cosmetics.