Our Mission

Alexami believes everything we put into our bodies should be natural and free from harsh chemicals, including the products we put onto our skin. Because taking care of your bodies from the inside helps to nurture your beauty on the outside.

We strive to make the safest natural beauty products for your bodies and our planet, so with every Alexami purchase you can rest assured that:

  • Every Alexami product contains 100% of the highest quality organic ingredients and pigments. We don’t believe in cheap fillers and never compromise on quality over costs.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment and use recyclable packaging where possible.
  • We do NOT test on animals and never will.
  • Alexami invests in the best scientific research to bring you innovative products and the latest in colour palette trends.
  • Alexami is a Compact Signer for The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
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