Mums the word

Mother’s Day means a lot of different things to many different people. For some, it’s a gift giving day, just as Christmas Day, but specifically shining the light on mum. It could be a day you make a point to make the effort to see your mum with distance being a factor that prevents regular visits. For others, it’s a day of recognising the contribution of the mother figure in their life, the shining example that women have on society and celebrating the role of mum which has evolve from not just the homemaker who stays home with the children, cooking & cleaning but someone that juggles the tasks of running the household, maintaining a career and being a general superhero, quietly being a role model to the children that are the recipients of the hard work.

The role of ‘mum’ has evolved and continues to evolve. Mother is not just defined as a woman in relation to her child or children; the definition has a much larger meaning than ever before. In our society it’s much more conventional to consider other woman as ‘mother figures’ with blood not always being the contributing factor to a relationship between child and mother.

Mothers Day gives us the opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for the presence of this person within our lives. Whether they have played a role in your childhood, education, been your mentor or your friend, there is no better feeling than the gift of giving and showing that certain mother in your life how much you love her.

A gift on Mother’s Day is a way to show gratitude, and at Alexami our belief in self care and products that have nourishing eco sustainable products will ensure your Mother’s Day gift is a thoughtful and practicable gift that they can continue to use everyday, because sometimes mum needs to take some time out to care for herself too.

Alexami’s has a range essential gift packs for a limited time only for Mothers Day to ensure that the special someone gets the benefits essential beauty products that hold plenty of nutrient key ingredients and will continue to reap the rewards of healthy skin. Did we mention FREE SHIPPING for all orders before Saturday 12 May!

Pamper Mum this Mothers Day with one these beautiful gift packs.

Beauty Secrets Pack – $75.00 (RR $122.00) 

Pack contains:

  • Exotic8 Facial Oil • Hydrating Toning Mist • 1 Handmade Artisan Soap• EVA cosmetic bag

Essential Colours Pack – $119.00 ( RR $183) 

Natural Effects 5 Vegan Lip glosses contains; 5 lip glosses + EVA cosmetics bag

  • Nude cream
  • Soft Pink
  • Crushed Melon
  • Mocha
  • Mulberry Pack

Natural Effects 5 Vegan Lipsticks contains; 5 lipsticks + EVA cosmetics bag

  • Nude
  • Spiced Melon
  • Pop Pink
  • Fudge
  • Merlot

Heavenly Aromabotanique 3 Artisian Soap Packs – $29.00 (RR $50.00)

Pack 1 contains; 3 Soaps + Eva cosmetics Bag

  • Seascape
  • Citrus Grove
  • Hinterland

Pack 2 contains; 3 Soaps + Eva Cosmetics Bag

  • Lullaby
  • Urban Garden
  • Desert Blooms

Mother’s Day is a day that keeps on giving so let Alexami put together a gift that will have you in the good books and that special someone feeling overwhelmed with love and appreciation, and plenty of wonderful products to enjoy too!

gifts that keep on giving this Mothers Day