Lovely Winter Hairstyles for You

Hairstyles come and go as seasons do – what may be in for the summer may be out during the winter, and sometimes it’s your hair that can make or break your look. As you haul out your sweaters and boots for the cold, you might also want to update your hairstyle as well. Read on below to know more about winter-friendly hairstyles.


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Curls and Waves

Fortunately for you curl-loving femmes, curls and waves aren’t limited to summer only. Even in winter, curls and waves are still very much in vogue. However, we’re not talking about large, mermaid tresses – we’re referring to soft curls and waves, highly similar to Ashley Greene’s. In order to recreate her look, you’ll need a large barrel curling iron. Separate your hair and curl it in different sections. You may also need some mousse or lightweight hairspray to keep your strands in place.

Low Knots

The season for high buns is over – it’s now time for the more sophisticated, more adult-looking low buns. All you have to do is to twist your hair, as you are wont to do with a bun, and pull it through the middle in order to make a knot. Tuck the hanging hair underneath the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Straight Hair Don’t Care

You can now sport stick straight hair without worries of frizz. The cold winter air contains less humidity, so you can get through the day without getting your hair all frizzed up. Be sure to apply some oil after you straighten your hair so that it remains soft and shiny.


This hairstyle stands supreme among others regardless of the season. You can get your bangs sideswept, short, framing, medium or blunt. Bangs will immediately sweep years off your face because of its youthfulness, so if you’re looking forward to look young and fresh during winter, the right type of bangs for your face shape could be the change that you’re looking for.

Pixie Cuts

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This is one of the trending hairstyles last winter ever since Anne Hathaway cut off her long tresses, and it’s still one of the most sought-after hairstyles this winter. Pixie cuts, if done right, will make you look feminine and edgy. It also shortens your preparation time because this is a wash-and-wear kind of hairstyle, plus you don’t have to worry about long hair that’s dripping cold water on your back even after you shower. Try this one if you’re feeling daring and adventurous.

Side Braids

If you’re looking forward to be feminine and flirty this winter, you may want to consider doing your hair into side braids. The past year has elevated the status of braids from being childish and young to being elegant and whimsical. The ease of recreating a braid ensures that you won’t spend a lot of time preparing for it in the mornings.

Regardless of your hairstyle during this winter, it is essential for you to take care of your hair if you want it to stay healthy and shiny. Winter may be extremely drying and unforgiving to your hair, so you may want to take extra steps to keep moisture locked into your tresses.