Looking For The Perfect Makeup Shades To Suit Your Skin Tone? Makeup Colour Analysis Demystified

Take the guess work out of buying makeup to suit your skin tone. If you are uncertain on the correct shade of makeup for your skin type, visit the Alexami Colour Analysis section of the Alexami website. It offers an online color analysis tool which automatically suggests the make up tones best suited for your skin, and best of all it’s freely available for anyone to use.

Not only does it recommend your foundation match, there is also a guide to help you determine different shades of eyeshadow, lip gloss and bronzer that would suit your colouring dependant on the season and look you are going for.

If you have more detailed questions about your skin colouring or any products in the Alexami range,  ask an Alexami expert at any one of our stockist salons or spas. To access the Alexami Colour Analysis tool, visit: http://www.alexami.com/professional-colour-analysis.html

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