How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Plastic Surgery

What are the 10 most common areas of concern for 40 plus women?

1. Hair, 2. Skin, 3. Face and Neck, 4. Posture, 5. Makeup, 6. Style and Clothing, 7. Fashion, 8. Dressing Appropriately for age, 9. Vitality and Strength, 10. Health, Relationships.

The important facts on how to look younger:


The inner outlook and positive outlook to life is vitally important to how you look, act and feel and how others react to you. If somebody for example consistently commits to negative outlook and attitudes for long enough, eventually their face will hold that disposition permanently.


We all live in a busy and constantly demanding world and the only way to successfully sustain a busy lifestyle and youthful vitality is to maintain a good diet. Exercise and drinking plenty of water also plays an important role. Taking a walk or exercising several times a week stimulates muscles, increases your metabolism and relaxes your mind.


Most women by the time they are in their forties have adopted a preferred hairstyle and length. While discovering how to adapt clothing styles to their changing body shape is important, equally important is being open to the idea of changing their hairstyle from time to time in order to look current and adapt to any changes in their face shape, lifestyle or hair conditions.



Regular and high quality skin care regime is critical to a youthful appearance. A twice daily routine of cleansing, toning, moisturising with complementing supplements designed to aide aging problem skin is a must routine of every woman.


Beautifully shaped eyebrows act as a frame to set off the eyes. Well shaped eyebrows can also take years off your appearance.


As we age our teeth tend to change the colour. For many it’s just dulling of colour for others their teeth can become distinctly yellow or grey. White teeth are youthful and a whiteness treatments can work wonders when a youthful smile is desired.


As a woman’s face begins to show signs of aging it is very tempting to try to camouflage everything with heavier foundation and more powder. However, this will only result in more aged looking face. With many things in life ‘less is more’ and makeup is no exception.

Eye Wear

If you wear glasses permanently they are your most important accessory and therefore deserve to be selected thoughtfully with quality, your age, colouring, face shape, lifestyle and personality in mind.


It’s easy to become lazy with the way we dress as we age, life is busy and as we age it becomes harder to find clothes that suit our changing body shape. What we wear has a dramatic impact on how young or old we appear! If you are having troubles with your style, you may wish to consider hiring an image consultant to help you out.


Nothing looks worse, or is more aging, than poor posture! Look at anyone with their shoulder clumped forward, stomach poking out and breasts dropped to their belt. Watch out your posture.

The Least You Need to Know

How you look is a reflection of how you think and feel. How you think, look and behave will influence how others look feel and behave towards you.

Any woman can look and feel fabolous without spending thousands of dollars, all it takes is the will, and knowledge that you’re worth it!

Stay healthy, stay young!


Reference: How to look 10 years younger without a plastic srugery (Ann Reintein – The Australian Image Company)

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