Happy Belated Birthday to the Story of Cosmetics

As we mentioned on our Facebook page a month ago,  the video “The Story of Cosmetics” recently celebrated it’s first birthday. It was released a year ago, and if you’ve ever wondered how safe the ingredients in your everyday cosmetics are, we can’t tell you how worthwhile it is to check this video out.  Have you ever wondered what the long names on the back of your foundation actually are? We believe consumers should be aware of what they are really using on a daily basis, and how it effects them. This video explains the truth behind beauty companies being able to add questionable additives to our every day products, and why they are allowed to do so. The video has helped spur interest in companies that create products without using harmful toxins – check out brands like Alexami listed on the Compact for Safe Cosmetics  at safecosmetics.org

If you enjoy watching the Story of Cosmetics, you might like to know it is a spin off from the successful “The Story of Stuff” which was released in 2007. It’s has had multiple millions of views; the reason it’s had such huge response is because it’s very informative and easy to take in. Watching the video will empower you to become more aware of products you are using everyday, where they have come from and how they affect our world. If you haven’t seen it yet we can’t recommend it enough – see it embedded below.

And while we’re at it, The Story of Stuff website is also worth looking at- there’s multiple videos that educate viewers about the processes involved to produce ‘disposable’ products that will only need to be replaced again in 6 months. It also explains why what we buy so cheap, from the government, extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal. Knowing exactly where what we are using has come from will make you think twice about your purchases large and small. The site also features other informative videos such as “The Story of Bottled Water” too –  visit storyofstuff.org for more info.

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