Greenify Your: Shampoo

Converting to a more natural and organic lifestyle can be quite a hard task especially in this economic climate amidst our busy lives. In response, I’d like to welcome you to this new series called Greenify Your Life. Over the next few weeks, I will present to you some simple steps that you can make in specific parts of your life to make the ‘Green’ conversion a little bit easier on you.

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In this first post, I present to you Greenify Your: Shampoo.

Firstly, you may ask what’s wrong with the common* shampoos?

Well, if you see in the ingredients list something called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and/or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) then your hair is in trouble. SLS is a very cheap frothing agent and is the reason that your shampoo and body soap foams at the touch. But don’t be fooled into thinking these bubbles are good for your hair. The SLS/SLES strips the hair shaft of all oil and grease including the natural good oils that your body produces. In turn, this causes more split ends, fading of color and tangling. To compensate for this damage, we end up forking out more money on conditioners, relaxers, frizz serums and the endless other amounts of products that fill our shelves.

Along with the excess and unnecessary damage being caused, these ingredients are also highly toxic and should not be swallowed which makes you wonder why we allow it into our bodies through our skin

So, how do you Greenify?

Phase 1.) Read the ingredients label of your shampoo. If it contains SLS/SLES then throw it away.

Phase 2.) Find a shampoo without SLS/SLES. It does not have to be an organic or natural brand, just make sure it is sulfate free. Use until the bottle is empty.

Your hair may freak out for a little bit when you stop using products with SLS as the scalp will over-compensate with oil production but it will stabilize after a few weeks. Patience with this process is key and will mean better health and vitality in your hair in the future.

Phase 3.) Do some research on organic hair product brands and find one that you think will suit your hair type. If your whole family uses the same bottle, opt for a bottle for a normal hair type.

And that’s all there is to it. Pretty simple, no?

*By common we mean the more common store bought and, generally, cheaper brands of shampoo that contain SLS/SLES.

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