Get Your Basic Face In Five Minutes

We all know that woman who looks immaculately coiffed and made up even though the workload is hellish and she has a few kids that she needs to take care of. She doebasic faces not get up extra early to do her makeup – she has mastered the basics of makeup that she can the full face done in a little over five minutes. Take it from her: you don’t need to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror in order to look presentable. Whether you’re in front of the bathroom mirror, in the back seat of a cab on your way to work or in your office’s bathroom –  here are some tips on how to get your face done in five minutes flat.

We tried doing this five minute step routine and timed it for you, just so to prove that it really is doable. Ready to go?

Step 1: Put on primer

This improves the hold of your makeup throughout the day, lessening the number of times that you have to touch up during the day. Primer is the “booster” that you need in order to make your makeup go on more smoothly, therefore lessening the amount of time that you need in buffing in your foundation for the perfect base. We love our 2 in 1 Hydrating Primer which is great for all skin types and the Mattifying Effect Primer which is great if you suffer from oily skin. Alexami Cosmetic’s Primers are very, very light and are easy to put on, so you’ll only need a couple of seconds to get all of it over your face.

Time required: 45 seconds

Step 2: Create a smooth base

The next step is to create a smooth base with the help of your foundation. In your free time, experiment with the application that you’re most comfortable in when putting on foundation. You may use your fingers, sponges or brushes – whatever works for you. Don’t rush this step, because a smooth, flawless base is essential in order for you to look younger, fresher and healthier. Make sure that the foundation you have chosen, whether it be powder, liquid or mousse, matches your skin tone as if you have nothing on.

Alexami’s Mineral Foundation Powder is very easy to apply. All you need is a few strokes and you’re ready to go.

Time required: 75 seconds 

Step 3: Define your eyes

Putting on and blending eye shadow requires a lot of work, time and practice, and you certainly don’t want to waste a lot of time sweeping away fall outs and blending colors flawlessly. We all have that eye shadow color that works wonders even with one stroke. Find that eye shadow and stick with it if you’re aiming for the basic face. Or, you can define your eyes by using eyeliner and mascara alone – tight lining is a technique used by makeup artists to make their models look like they have larger eyes and thick, full lashes.

Time required: 75 seconds

Step 4: Give your cheeks a pop of color

You cover up your natural blush when you cover your face with foundation, and you may look washed out and pale if you don’t give your cheeks a healthy dose of blush. You can use your blush as contour as well, especially if you’re in a rush of time. Choose a shade of blush that’s close to the color of your cheeks when you exercise. Check out the Alexami Perfect Puff Minerals Blush which comes with a built-in antibacterial sponge applicator. All you need to do is swoop the applicator on your cheeks and blend.

Time required: 45 seconds

Step 5: Finishing touches

No makeup look is complete without lipstick. This is practically a no-brainer – choose a color of your choice that makes you look young and fresh. Or, you can go really basic and use a naturally tinted lip gloss instead.

Time required: 30 seconds

Total time: 270 seconds

A quick note though: It may take you more than five minutes to complete this regimen, especially if it’s your first time dabbling with make-up. Don’t worry. Give it a little time. Practice makes perfect, so while you do, find out what products you really like to use, master your favorite way of applying foundation and blush and practice, practice, practice. Over time, you’ll find yourself completing your basic face in five minutes or less. You might even have a couple of extra seconds to admire your handiwork in the mirror or take a selfie!