The Benefits of Using Natural Soaps in Your Beauty Routine

From an early age, it’s been engrained that washing ourselves with soap is what we do to get rid of all the everyday germs and nasties. And yes, I’m stating the obvious here, but have you ever given thought to the type of soap you’ve been using all your life? Perhaps the type of soap you are so used to using, actually contains the nasties have been trying to avoid.

Natural soaps are completely different from commercially-made or store bought ones. They contain no harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrance oil, and don’t go through any chemical restructuring. Already you can see there is a benefit to introducing natural soaps into your home, and there are many more.

Natural glycerin
An incredible amount of people suffer from dry skin at any age and any given time of the year, and the usual answer is to apply moisturiser. Naturally formed glycerin is a wonderful ingredient for keeping the skin soft as it continues to work even after it has been rinsed off. Glycerol is colourless, odourless and very gentle, making it safe for sensitive skin.

Natural soaps contain high concentrations of glycerin to ensure that your skin is kept feeling soft and nourished with every day use. It’s a bi-product of the soaping process, and because natural soaps retain their full glycerin amount, it will be absorbed into your skin during bathing – even remaining when the soap washes away.

Just take a quick look at the list of ingredients for an average bar of soap that you purchase from a local shop. Chances are you’ll find a plethora of items that make no sense to you, like sodium lauroyl isethionate which can pose skin irritations, and synthetic benzyl alcohol, a colourless liquid that is used as a preservative, a fragrance ingredient, is the active ingredient in head lice treatment, and is used as a solvent.

Natural soaps, like our luxury artisan soaps from Alexami’s newest Aromabotanique Collection, don’t have ingredients you can’t pronounce. They have each been blended from the purist natural organic ingredients which are free from palm oil, synthetic colour and fragrances.

No harm
When you purchase a luscious, delectable natural handmade soap from Alexami, you can be 100% certain that no humans were harmed, impoverished or subjected to poor working conditions in the process. No communities were laid to waste by the run-off from a large chemical factory, and we don’t use any animals to test our products.

Knowing that your natural homemade soaps have not impacted the environment and its creatures is reverence to a kinder way of living.

Natural homemade soaps will never disappoint when it comes to a variety that satisfies the senses. Forget about what skin type you are or your personal preferences, because when it comes to what natural soaps can provide, you have an infinite number of recipes and fragrances to choose from!

With Alexami’s latest Aromabotanique Collection, decide between six exquisite luxury artisan soaps ranging from earthy and spicy blends in Desert Blooms that include Buddha wood, silver cassia and desert rose, to the scrumptious concoctions of Urban Garden with white mulberry, hibiscus and cocoa. Never thought those combinations were possible? They are, and they work perfectly in harmony with one another.

Aromatic therapy
One of the best benefits of using natural homemade soaps is that they offer aromatic therapy. Soaps like ours use pure essential oils to create their scents, and aromatherapy can aid in problems from stress relief to boosting your immune system.

Our pleasantly intoxicating Hinterland blend is an infusion of passionflower, sweet orange and ginger, and its amazing aroma will leave you feeling romantic, uplifted and energised. How can you not want to start the morning being invigorated with fragrances like that?

Alexami’s newest Aromabotanique Collection of luxury artisan soaps will have your skin craving more of their textures and fragrances, and you’ll see amazing, moisturising results. Each one was inspired by Australia’s landscape and its unique flora and fauna. Desert Blooms, Lullaby, Hinterland, Citrus Grove, Urban Garden and Seascape are all now available for your bathing pleasure.


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