Why You Should Always Take Off Your Makeup Before Bed

Okay, think to yourself and be honest: how often do you sleep with your makeup still on? It’s super easy to fall asleep in a full face of glam with the thought in mind that “this will never happen again.” But it happens again. And again. And again.

It’s not that we’re lazy (okay, maybe a little) but it’s that we’re busy makeup-lovers with things to do and some zzz’s to catch! Let’s be honest, taking off our makeup at the end of the day is an ordeal. For those of us who wear makeup regularly, we have a strict cleansing/toning/exfoliating/moisturising routine that is concrete and, well, a process. It takes a while. Most of the time it feels amazing and is the perfect way to end the day and hit the hay. However, there are times when you may just be exhausted after a long day, so you go to bed believing that it will never happen again.

So what if it does happen regularly? Can we just laugh it off and move on? Yes, but consider the side effects of regularly forgoing your makeup removing routine…

1.      Foundation

You may love your foundation for a full day’s coverage, but you won’t love it so much if you keep it on all night! Sleeping in foundation can damage your complexion leading to a breakdown in collagen (the elasticity in our skin that keeps us looking youthful!), wrinkles, and even annoying acne breakouts.

2.      Mascara and eyeliner

Both products can cause eye infections and general irritation if left on for long periods of time. Also, leftover mascara can lead to brittle eyelashes prone to breaking and shedding.

3.      Lipstick

Most lipsticks on the market are formulated with drying waxes. When lips are left on overnight, pores may become clogged and lips may become terribly dry.

The bottom line is that sleeping in makeup regularly should definitely be avoided. It doesn’t matter what skin-type you are working with, it won’t be safe from the harms of leftover makeup.

If you need a quick way to get rid of a full face of glam, you can try using cleansing wipes. They’re an easy way to get the job done and get it done well. However, cleansing wipes should never replace your normal cleansing routine – but they might be a good idea to keep handy in case you find yourself feeling particularly tired before bedtime.


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