Alexami Cosmetics Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas For The Skincare Warrior and Beauty Babe

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list, no matter your budget, because everyone deserves to pamper their skin and rejuvenate themselves. If you want to gift your family and friends with products that are great quality, natural, and Australian made, then here is our guide to the top 10 ideas in our amazing range of Alexami cosmetics!

Exotic8 Facial Oil

So, you have someone on your list who has almost every skincare product on her bathroom vanity, and she’s the toughest recipient on your holiday list. Worry no more, because Alexami’s Exotic8 Facial Oil is a regeneration and repair oil blend like no other. As unique as your friend, it’s Australia’s first organic chia facial oil blend to give skin a more supple, silky soft and youthful complexion. Show her its multifunctionality, where she can use it for her face, décolletage, and on the hands or hair! Also perfect as an after sun oil too, great for those lazy days on the beach this summer. Shop the Alexami Exotic8 Oil here.

Powder Puff Mineral Foundation

If you think giving a friend cosmetics as a gift is a bad idea, think again! Avoid those cliché and low budget, created-for-the-teenager 50-shade eyeshadows and low grade foundations that could be damaging for the skin. Instead, show them how amazing it is use to natural Australian made products that do wonders for complexion. Our Perfect Puff Mineral Foundation Powder not only provides a no-fuss application, but skin appears flawless and the packaging is designed to fit snugly into the smallest of bags. Finding the perfect shade is easy too, so you can’t go wrong in gifting it!  Shop the Powder Puff Mineral Powder here

Luxury Artisan Handmade Soaps

So much more than just ‘soap’ our Aromabotanique Collection doesn’t let you struggle at all when it comes to finding that perfect gift for the seasonal holidays. A lot of gifts end up shoved into a closet or gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, and don’t forget the pressure of feeling obligated to keep or display a gift whenever said giftee comes around. Our Australian inspired handmade soaps are blended from the purist natural and organic ingredients, are free from palm oil, and will delight the senses. Choose from Urban Garden, Hinterland, Lullaby, Citrus Grove, Seascape and Desert Blooms. Shop the Aromabotanique Collection here.

Pumpkin Polish

Our award winning 3 in 1 Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Polish is the perfect gift for that person on your list who loves textured products and wants to see instant results. A gentle exfoliator, all the ingredients (which include willow bar, chamomile, rice and yoghurt berry) is a scrub, peel and mask all in one. Results will leave your skin feeling smoother, softer and brighter thanks to all the non-abrasive beads this little wonder polish has. It’s great for that friend or family member who loves to keep their complexion in check, or for the traveller who will need a quick refresh after their flights.  Shop the 3 in 1 Pumpkin Polish here.

Makeup Start Over Pack

With the end of the year looming ahead of us, what better way to start the new year than throwing out all the old cosmetics and brushes, and rejuvenating your products with a new lot?! Cosmetics, like many perishables, have expiry dates – brushes too! And there’s nothing worse than putting on clumpy foundation with a brush that is seeping with thousands of microscopic bacteria. Our Make Up Start Over Pack features the Perfect Puff Mineral Foundation, Natural Effects Lip Gloss, two Natural Effects Eyeshadows, our Hydrabotanique Eye Cleansing Oil, a Vegan Cosmetic Brush Set and our EVA Small Cosmetic Bag to fit it all in. On top of all that, you’ll get to choose all the colours when you order! Start the year fresh with new, amazing products. Shop the Start Over Pack here.

Hydrate & Restore Gift Pack

Let’s face it. There’s someone on your list who has worked non-stop this entire year; whether it’s your sister who has been tirelessly focusing on her career to get that job she’s been dreaming of, or your best friend who just had her third baby and is run off her feet. Nothing says ‘I care about you, take a breather’ more than our Hydrate & Restore Gift Pack. Featuring our 2 in 1 Hydrating Primer along with our Luxurious Exotic8 Oil and EVA travel bag, give the most refreshing gift under the tree to infuse the skin and nurture it back to radiance. Shop the Hydrate & Restore Pack here.

Herbal Mineral Mascara

Think outside the box when it comes to cosmetics and finding that one product that is truly different from the rest. Because for many of us, the search for a Holy Grail mascara can be an eternal quest, where we do nothing but hope for better results than the last. And while a great mascara will help a lot, the secret is finding a high-quality one with ingredients that work together with your lashes – we like to call it, team work! Our Herbal Mineral Mascara has been specially formulated with mild ingredients for less irritation and tears, and all it will take is one application. With two colours to choose from (brown and black), consider your quest conquered. Shop the Herbal Mineral Mascara here.

Perfect Puff Mineral Blush

Sometimes all a girl needs is a new blush, and our Perfect Puff Mineral Blush takes always the headache of messy brushes and getting everything in a bag covered in powder. It’s the perfect addition to any girl’s cosmetics collection, with a convenient Puff or Brush no fuss application, our mineral blush will keep even the busiest woman looking radiant with a flawless complexion. What’s even better, is that each one of our Perfect Puff Minerals products come with an anti-bacterial applicator sponge. Gift our Perfect Puff Mineral Blush, and you’ll be on someone’s favourite list for all time. Shop the Mineral Blush Puff here.

Hydrating Toning Mist

Alexami’s Hydrating Toning Mist is a fantastic Christmas present for that work colleague who is always on the go and sometimes just needs to rejuvenate over the course of a couple seconds. You can use it in conjunction with the 3 in 1 Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Polish, or on its own, by simply spraying it towards your face and stepping into the refreshing mist, all the while getting hit with a citrusy aroma blend of 100% pure essential oils. Perfect for that work friend, or a busy person who just wants to take a few seconds to freshen up. Shop the Hydrating Toning Mist here.

Facial Mitt

We guarantee you that there is someone on your Christmas list who doesn’t have one of these beauties. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys their exfoliation routine, but uses their fingers to scrub their product onto their face, our facial mitt is just the item they will thoroughly welcome in to their regimen! It combines rough with the smooth to create a ‘cleansing cloth’, if you will, and is made from biodegradable corn fabric so it’s great for the environment and suitable for everyday use. It’s double-sided too, with one side for exfoliation and the other just perfect for around the eye area.  Shop the Facial Mitt here.

Our full range of products are just the ticket item for the person on your list who loves the environment as well as their skin. Combine some, see our packs, and learn about our regimens. There’s something for everyone here at Alexami.

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