Alexami Cosmetics


At Alexami, we love nature and all things natural, and because we want to keep our ingredients as pure as possible, we’re doing as much as we can to keep our environment clean.


Alexami products are all packaged with this eco philosophy in mind, and when it comes to the hydrabotanique range, we have taken this one step further. Containers are sourced from recycled materials such as PET and PP plastics, while our boxes are made from recycled paper with graphics printed using sustainable ink and water printing technology. This helps to keep our air and water supplies clean and aids in the conservation of the rainforest.

We use sustainable materials whenever possible, including in our accessories, where we use naturally grown corn fabric for our facial mitts and bamboo and aluminium for our brushes.

The Green Philosophy

The eco philosophy isn’t just reflected in the products we create but also in how we operate our business. Our warehouse off the Gold Coast of Australia was constructed out of eco friendly materials (wherever possible), from the bamboo floors and the gecca approved chairs we sit on in the office to the recycled paper we print on, and even then we only print when we absolutely have to. Glass cupboards house our products and the walls are adorned with eco friendly paint. We have fitted our entire building with energy saving bulbs and even wash our floors with eco friendly cleansing agents. To us the eco philosophy doesn’t just exist in the products we put on our skin and the food we put into our bodies, but is weaved through every aspect of what we do.

Each time you purchase an Alexami product you are investing in our commitment to you and the environment. Our products are vigorously tested and accredited by organic industry and trade bodies, so you can use our products with confidence that they are as gentle and safe to your body as they are to the planet.