Communicating with Colour

Colour is perhaps the most potent force in communication. Within seconds of meeting you, others will respond to the ‘colour messages’ flashed by your clothes. It has been ascertained by medical science that colour can influence the viewer’s hormones, blood pressure and body temperature. When choosing colours be aware of: what impact they will have on:

  • Your apparent shape and size
  • An emotional level – how they will make others (and us) feel.
  • What they will communicate to others about your personality.
  • How appropriate the colour is for the location, occasion, time of year, your personal colouring and age.

Colours produce different reactions when used in different fabrics. A red jacket worn with a white shirt to a business meeting exhibits confidence and power but a red jacket worn with a lacy red top may be interpreted as saying, ‘I’m sexy and exciting and I have other things on my mind besides this business meeting”.

Red is also not the best colour to wear to a job interview as it sometimes sets the scene for an uneasy interaction between females.

Colours Men Respond Well To (Socially and Professionally)

  • Yellow holds their attention and keeps them alert; indicates the start of something new.
  • Yellow based reds, energetic colour that keeps conversations going.
  • True reds exhibits confidence.
  • Burgundy reflects class and sophistication and attracts the same type of men.
  • Mid-range blues puts others at ease and allows interactions to go smoothly.
  • Sky blue is a calming colour.
  • Navy blue signals that you want to be taken seriously; it inspires others to listen to what you have to say and displays that you are trustworthy.
  • Blue-based reds suggests intelligence and femininity.
  • Red violet suggests strength and creativity

Wear colours and feel great every day!


Reference: 50 Image Essentials (Ann Reintein – The Australian Image Company)

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